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     Welcome on our website new design 2017 to feast our 20 years in the canine breeding.
Our Studdogs
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Our Studs Weimaraner
VGP, HZP Golo vom Zehnthof x ChIB, ChIE, ChB, Ch Fr, Ch. All,TST, Trialer GN, TAN, BCE Hike des Brumes des Bois
ChA, ChGN, ChIT Dino du Colombier de Bel Air x ChIB, ChIE, ChB, Ch Fr, Ch. All,TST, Trialer GN, TAN, BCE Hike des Brumes des Bois
ChIB, ChIE, ChB, ChAll, classé en fields - field awarded, TAN, BCE, RST,TST Kiss des Brumes des Bois HDA, 11/02/2011, 65-66cm
multi EXC, CAC, CACIB, BOB (ChIE, ChIB, ChB, ChFr ouverts / opened) classé en fields - field awarded, BCE, RST,TST Leyton des Brumes des Bois HDA, 21/12/2012, 67cm
multi CAC-CACIB, Vainqueur Ch.Fr’08, CACIT, multi CACT, Trialer Dasko des Brumes des Bois  x multi Exc, CAC, CACIB, TAN, TST, BCE, RST, Hot Shoot’s Kiara
EXC, TAN, RST, O’Malley des Brumes des Bois HDA, 10/02/2015, 64-65cm inscrit au LOSH et au LOF, cotation 2/6  
ChIB, ChB, (ChIE & Holl ouverts), multi BOB Trialer (Fr & B),TAN, BCE, RST,TST Fantasio des Buveurs d’Air HDA, 22/08/2010
ChGQ Ethik du Mas du Zouave x ChP Decibel II de la Sauvignère (Decibel est la soeur du ChGQ, ChP, ChA Dylan de la Sauvignère)
Nous chassons avec tous nos chiens durant l’été et l’automne cad +/- 6 mois/an. Le reste de l’année est consacrée au repos, aux entrainements, aux dressages, aux différents concours, aux portées quand nous en faisons.
We are hunting with all our dogs during Summer & Autumn for Hunting societies +/- 6 months / year.  The rest of the year is busy with taking rest, trainings, dressages, competitions, litters when it is forecast.
Our Weimaraner Studs We have choosen 3 very different boys to propose as Sires, from 3 different working lines, 3 different morphologies  & 3 different colors in grey. Our multiple champion Kiss des Brumes des Bois : ChIB, ChIE, CHB, Ch VDH, TAN, TST, BCE, RST, field awards.  He has typically the German morphology, a well-built dog, very masculine, strong bones and body, well masculine head with beautiful lips, a straight back, a well-"short " kidney dog. he is sized 65-66 cm, His movement is extremely fluent and easy.  Kiss has a well-pigmented silver grey coat with metallic reflects.  Kiss is issued from the fabulous wedding between our very famous and multi champion Hike des Brumes des Bois (ChIB, ChIE, ChB, ChFr, Ch VDH, Trailer, TST, BCE, talrous fields awarded) with the very famous German Stud Golo vom Zehnthof (issued from one of the famoust German Breeding in weimaraners for more than 40 years).  Kiss is 4 times Beauty Champion. Despite his white spot, he won his German Title with the 5 CAC required and obtained the hole in a row (like his mummy Hike did all her titles in a row, she remains the faster and youngest triple champion from years. At 18 months old, she was already CHB, ChIE and CHIB, winning also the National Specialty with the BIS and the year after, the German Title and French Title in duo with her 1/2 brother the famous Ginko des Brumes des Bois). He won also the CAC at the Belgian National Specialty, under another German Judge. All homologated titles are written on the pedigree of his offsprings.   view his genealogy on  about his temper and aptitudes for hunting and working  : Kiss has a cheerful, peaceful, posed temperament, a serious dog that does everything conscientiously. He is a bit stubborn and surly like all dogs of German bloodlines but shows an incredible kindness with the people he loves.  He is a faithful dog, excellent keeper, protector, impressive by his presence, by the fact that he is sure of himself, by his power and his musculature rather impressive. On the field, he works for his master, constant, formidablely efficient and very hunter.  It has a very big nose, finds you game easily and finds lost game sometimes at unsuspected places. Because of his German origins, his training was a bit hard but once acquired, it remains acquired.  He is a good pointer, an impressive retriever both on earth, in lost research as well as in deep water and in the marsh.  Kiss has a good hunting quest, but he does not disdain to extend his quest if no game in the area until he finds something. Like all German lines, Kiss is an all-around dog but  he shows his preference however for working in the water and marsh as well as the retrieving.   Leyton des Brumes des Bois , multi EXC, CAC, CACIB, BOB (ChIE, ChIB, ChB, ChFr opened), field awarded, BCE, RST,TST Leyton has the typical morphology of the field dogs, built to run fast, lighter than Kiss, a little longer in kidney, morphology and head of a Braque  "old type ", very elegant dog, smooth gaits and so easy to breathtaking.  He is 67 cm high.  Leyton has a light grey-deer  pigmented coat  He is issued from the wedding of our multi champion Hike  des Brumes des Bois (thus 1/2 brother of our Kiss, see upper) with the famous multiple field champion  Dino du Colombier de Bel Air (ChIT Autumn Ch, Spring Ch, trailer). view his genealogy on about his temper and aptitudes for hunting and working  : Leyton is a little bit our Golden boy, a hyper happy dog,  very loving, super friendly and phenomenal kindness dog.  He likes to pose and that we look at him, he loves brag proudly. He does not care about the competition or the other dogs as well on the beauty rings, as in the fields, in the truck, or when  hunting.  He is very easy  in temper, was very easy  and quick learner,  especially since almost everything was innate in him: pointing, steadiness at flight, that point never had to be worked, the delicate retrieving given in hand,... He has a nose of incredible power. This is typically the ideal character of a dog for competition, everything is ok for him, he is easy, cheerful and always in a good mood.  In hunting, he is very serious in his work, shows a nice quest, and naturally comes back to contact, which allows to hunt at your ease, with confidence. In competition, his quest has always been noted at the excellent, with many times 2nd round if no game in the first run.  He swims Excellent and has an excellent retrieve as well to water as on land but he prefers woods, wild lands, and plains a bit dirty with many hedges, in short : everything that is very hunting and which are his preferred fields.   O’Malley has the typical morphology of the fields and working dogs, built to run fast, a short kidney, while combining a lot of power and muscles. 65-66 cm high,  smooth and very easy movment. O'Malley is naturally very muscular,  it looks like "body builded", on a very nice powerful body. Very pretty masculine head, between the head of Kiss and that of Leyton. A very marked pigmentation, O'Malley is dark grey mouse. O'Malley is a very promising young dog who already has his fan club. He is issued from the wedding of our Danish import Hot shoot's Kiara (from the best Danish kennel in working dogs) with CACIT, Trialer Dasko des Brumes des Bois, brother of our dear multi champion and trailer DJINN, daddy of Hike and Ginko. view his genealogy on about his temper and aptitudes for hunting and working  :  O’Malley is a young dog alive, active and in the same time calm. His actions are thoughtful. A big and impressive Nose, very hunter and nice pointer. Things learned fast remain acquired. His training was very easy. O'Malley loves the plain, the wood and the water. In deep water, he is even an F1, combining power and speed. O'malley loves to retreive and is a will to please. Bottled (mother died when the puppies had 5 days)  and with a foster mom Hike) O'Malley is very close to the humans, friendly with the People he knows, a little more careful and distant with strangers. He is a very pleasant dog to live in. He is an excellent keeper, and he makes a strong impression by his very muscular body and his power, his dark yellow eyes and his very dark gray coat. He is very cheerful in nature, proud, a little naughty and joker. O'Malley from the very beginning showed many potentials in all point of views, both in accordance with the standards, and by the innate aptitudes for hunting, his natural pointing, a natural retrieve, a passion for water,... Things learned are still acquired. His training was very easy. And he brilliantly passed his TAN in France, at the hottest of the day and by more than 30 ° and seeing himself awarded the best run of the day.  As much as O'Malley likes hunting, he doesn't like contests, at least so far.  Perhaps with experience and time, he will learn to love these.  O'Malley like Kiss and Leyton, has a big and impressive nose, very hunter and wonderful pointer. O'Malley loves the plain, the wood and the water without any preferences at the moment.  O'malley has a very nice quest.     Depending on the morphology of your female, we can advise you on the morphology of the male that would suit according to that of your dog. Of course, everyone can have their preferences on morphology, so you have a choice on the 3 morphotypes of our studs. For example, if you like male heads and your dog is a bit  "light" in the head and body, a little too long, I would advise you either Kiss or O'Malley. 2 different Morphos and 2 different heads. If your female is a bit  "heavy" in body,  a bit too masculine in head, I would advise you more Leyton to rebalance the morphology of the babies. Our 3 stallions have well pigmented dresses, this has been part of my selection for 20 years. This should therefore in all ways bring back pigmentation in the puppies that you will produce. The characters are balanced and kind, characteristic of our kennel des Brumes des Bois for more than 20 years now. Our breeding is renowned for the production of nice dogs, with character and temperament but still balanced and sweet.  Selection for 20 years on these character traits.  Of course, our selection goes on the "Continental" type,  morphology from the lines of origin, lines of work, according to the German guidelines, perfectly responding to the FCI standard.   In my lines, there are NO "extra-types " , morphologies that come from us beauty lines and often out of the German FCI Standard.   All our dogs hunt, show very big noses, with a lot of natural aptitudes to point and retrieve, easy to train and educate even if more alive than the average. They all have results in working tests (TAN, field-trials and/or hunting events, retrieving tests,...). They are free of dysplasia: all are HDA.  Complete teeth for all, well-appointed jaws for all, no health problems. All our dogs have DNA profile under ISAG 2006, so that their profile can be read everywhere. All 3 have now reproduced. Puppies out of Kiss and Leyton are marvellous dogs, excellent hunters and sweeties at home and with all kind of people. The 1st ones of O’Malley are just born ath the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018.      
O'Malley des Brumes des Bois, Exc Tan RST, 
Our english Pointer
our ChB, ChIB et trialer Fantasio : multi Exc, CAC, CACIB, multi BOB, Trialer Fr & B, multi fields awards spring Summer and Autumn A very nice white and Orange pointer that won the Belgian National Specialty at 18 months old with the CAC, and won several CAC and CACIB in different countries. He is Belgian champion and International Beauty Champion and has 2 other Open championships, the Dutch Championship and the International Show Championship. Fantasio is perfectly written in the standard, well built, with bone, powerful, very pretty head well expressive, pigmented color.  In Field-trials, he has results in France (always at EXC whether in spring or autumn on natural game) and in Belgium, in spring and autumn, is trialer in France and Belgium.  Following the FCP rating scale, Fantasio is at the recommended level, rated 4/6.  Like all my other dogs, he's free of dysplasia with optimal result A.   Fantasio is a very nice dog to live, joyful, expressive, playful, very cuddly, very gentle with the children, everything suits him, he is very balanced, well in his head and his shoes, very smart, the doors do not resist him long, he opens them quickly. At hunting, for fatigue and injuries,  he is a tough nut, as long as he is able to continue and you have to stop him. He was very easy to train, a quick learner. A pointer is much easy to train than weimaraners. He has temper, but accept your autority without contesting it. Fantasio adores to jump and swim into deep water, retreive in deep water and on land.  At hunting, he is an uncontestable star for all hunters. Un très joli pointer Blanc et Orange qui a remporté la Nationale Belge   d’Elevage à 18 mois avec le CAC, et a remporté plusieurs CAC et CACIB dans différents pays. Il est Champion de Belgique et Champion International de Beauté et a 2 autres championnats ouverts, le Championnat Hollandais et le Championnat International des Expositions. Il est parfaitement dans les standards, bien bâti, avec de l’os, puissant, très jolie tête bien expressive, couleur pigmentée.  En Field-trials, il a des résultats en France (toujours à l’Exc que ce soit au printemps ou à l’automne sur Gibier Naturel) et en Belgique, au printemps et en automne, est Trialer en France et en Belgique.  Suivant l’échelle de cotation du PCF, Fantasio est au niveau Recommandé, coté 4/6.  Comme tous mes autres chiens, il est Dysplasie A.   Fantasio est un chien très sympa à vivre, joyeux, expressif, joueur, très calin, très doux avec les enfants, tout lui convient,  il est très équilibré, bien dans sa tête et ses pompes, très intelligent, les portes ne lui résistent pas longtemps, il les ouvre vite fait. Pour la fatigue et les blessures, c’est un dur à cuire, tant qu’il peut il continue et il faut le stopper.  
Nos étalons sont proposés pour saillir des Femelles 1) avec pédigrées officiels (LOSH, LOF, NHSB, VDH, ...) reconnus par la FCI, copie du pédigrée doit nous être fournie pour le dossier 2) et dans les normes du Standard FCI (pas de femelles en dessous de 57 cm et au-dessus de 65 cm au garrot, pas de tares). si les chiennes ont des résultats d'expos : avoir les résultats et un commentaire de jugement. 3) les chiennes doivent avoir été dépistées pour la Dysplasie des Hanches et avoir un résultat A ou B 4) pour les chiennes Belges :la SRSH demande en plus que votre chienne ait le Certificat Elevage Losh et soit identifiée par ADN Ces demandes prennent un certain temps. Si vous n'êtes pas en ordre, il n'y aura pas de saillie avec un de nos étalons. Nous aimons bien rencontrer les propriétaires et les chiennes plusieurs semaines, voir plusieurs mois avant les saillies Un étalon ne se choisit pas au moment où la chienne doit être saillie !!! Car il se pourrait qu'à ce moment, l'étalon et/ou le propriétaire ne soit pas disponible. C'est pour cela qu'il faut avertir un certain temps à l'avance de votre souhait d'utiliser tel ou tel étalon avec votre chienne et de nous dire +/- à quelle période elle devrait avoir ses chaleurs. Ensuite, le jour où la chienne commence ses chaleurs, il faut recontacter le propriétaire de l'étalon pour le prévenir que la saillie aura lieu dans les 10-15 jours après.      
Possibilité de prendre en pension (en général 3 jours), la chienne à saillir (Braque de Weimar ou Pointer), pendant quelque jours dans nos installations. contrat de pension simple, 14.50 €/jour en extérieur (belle saison) et 18€/jour en intérieur (hiver) en plus du prix de la saillie...        
Our Studs are proposed to mate Females 1) with official pedigrees (LOSH, LOF, NHSB, VDH, ...) recognized by the FCI 2) in the standard FCI (no females below 57 cm & up 65 cm, no faults) 3) bitches must have been tested for Hip Dysplasia and have a grade A or B (see table of comparison amongst countries below) Please contact us a few weeks or months before a mating if you are interested in our males. It is needed because if you contact us on the last minute, maybe the stud or the stud's owner would be not available. That's why we require a few weeks before the mating + the period forecast for the mating. Then when the bitch begins her heats, please phone us. So we can forecast the mating for the 10-15 days after.  
Si vous êtes Intéressés, vous pouvez nous contacter : if you are interested, please contact us :   Chenil des Brumes des Bois N° d'Eleveur SRSH n°04895 TVA : BE 549730573 Eleveur - Breeder : Eléonore Lequime 299 rue de Chièvres, 7332 Sirault, Belgium Tel : 0032 (0)495.43.00.09 Website : ou Email :    
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