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Bienvenue sur notre site
nouveau design 2017 pour fêter nos 20 ans dans l’élevage canin
     Welcome on our website
 new design 2017 to feast our 20 years in the canine breeding.
prochaines Portées - forecast Litters
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multi Exc, TAN, classée en fields - field awarded, RST,TST Leica des Brumes des Bois HDA, 29/01/2012, 57cm
multi CAC-CACIB, Vainqueur Ch.Fr’08, CACIT, multi CACT, Trialer Dasko des Brumes des Bois (frère de / brother of DJINN dbdb) x multi Exc, CAC, CACIB, TAN, TST, BCE, RST, Hot Shoot’s Kiara sa généalogie sur / his genealogy on 
EXC, TAN, RST, O’Malley des Brumes des Bois HDA, 10/02/2015, 64-65cm inscrit au LOSH et au LOF, cotation 2/6  
ChFr, ChIB, ChIE, ChA, Trialer, BCE Recomm Elite A Ginko des Brumes des Bois x TAN, field Awarded / classée en FT Ei’Kaelig des Plaines de Montansou small daughter of Mojo’s Vini Vidi Vici et de DJINN dbdb & VIATKA : All 3 are Recomm Elite A sa généalogie sur / her genealogy on  
Les Brumes des Bois dans le monde
depuis 1997
The Brumes des Bois dogs in the world
since 1997
Depuis notre 1ère portée en 1997, nous avons exporté près de la 1/2 de nos chiots à l'étranger :
France, Italie, Allemagne, Luxembourg, Pays-Bas, Suisse, Suède, Afrique du Sud, Canada, Russie, Finlande, USA, Espagne, ...
Since our 1st litter in 1997, we have exported nearly 50% of our puppies in
France, Italy, Germany, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, South Africa and Canada, Russia, Finland, USA, Spain,
home home Le Braque de Weimar- The Weimaraner Le Braque de Weimar- The Weimaraner Le Pointer Anglais - The English Pointer Le Pointer Anglais - The English Pointer Nos Chiens / our dogs Nos Chiens / our dogs Notre Elevage - Our Breeding Notre Elevage - Our Breeding 20ans d'Úlevage 20ans d'Úlevage 20 years of breeding 20 years of breeding les chiens au travail les chiens au travail les chiens en competition les chiens en competition Etalons - Studs Etalons - Studs Chiots/Puppies Chiots/Puppies Dispo / Available Dispo / Available Contact Contact
Our 2nd litter in Weimaraner is forecast  for the end of 2017 - beginning of 2018 with our bitch Leica :
multi EXC, TST, TAN Or Inga des Brumes des Bois HDB, 06/11/15, 63cm  
ChFr, ChP, ChA, Trialer Upper des Ombres des Quatre Nuits x ChIB, ChIE, ChB, ChFr, Ch All, TST, Trialer GN, TAN BCE Hike des Brumes des Bois Upper & Hike sont tous les 2 Recomm Elite A
Si  vous êtes intéressés par l’une des 2 portées, vous pouvez nous contacter sur notre email : If you are interested by one of these 2 litters, you can contact us on this email :
mariage de cet hiver 2017 / our winter wedding 2017: Leica x O’Malley, PRENANCY CONFIRMED / GESTATION CONFIRMEE 9 chiots sont nés le 28 Déc 2017 : 5 Mâles et 4 Femelles => 2 mâles encore dispo 9 Puppies born 28 Dec 2017 : 5 Boys and 4 Girls => 2 Boys available le futur pédigree des chiots / the future pedigree of puppies  2017 : Year of the “Q”,  this litter will bear the name “Quetch” .... des Brumes des Bois follow their evolution on their own pages 1,2,3, ... from birth till their departure (page1)   
présentation des 2 parents en photos / some more pictures of both parents :
Leica is a bitch with a lot of temper, active and very alive, always in action in the fields. Great hunter and excellent pointer, she is hunting always with a lot of PASSION in the woods as well in the big plains.  She loves water work a lot. She is always very proud when retrieve her game.  At home, she enjoys her confort in the living room, at the corner besides the fire. She is very happy girl, loving girl, very friendly and very pretty to live. A wonderfull girl in all points of view. Leica like all my other dogs is totally  FREE of DYSPLASIA with the optimal result of A (HDA) for both hips.  In Show, she got multi Excellent. In Work , she got her TAN, her brevet in hunting proof retreive on land = RST ( France) and the comportemental test TST . She is also awarded in Summer Field Trial.  At 1 year old, Leica was sad injured when she met a wild boar of 80kg. This accident put the end to her field carreer.  12 months were needed to recover : 30 suture points at the inside back leg, the knee and the hip were injured as well. Towards her strong wounds, hips radios done at 2 years old, +/- 15 months after injury, the results were unexpected and she got an official HDA Leica is Recommanded by the Belgian Weimaraner Club.
O’Malley is a young dog alive, active and in the same time calm His actions are thoughtful. A big and impressive Nose, very hunter and nice pointer. Things learned Remain acquired. His training was very easy. O'Malley loves the plain, the wood and the water. In deep water, he is even an F1, combining power and speed. O'malley loves to retreive and is a will to please. At home, like all my dogs, he loves his Little comfort in the living room, by the fireplace. Bottled (mother deceased) and with a foster mom Hike) O'Malley is very close to the human, friendly with the People he knows, a little more suspicious with strangers. It's a very pleasant dog to live in. O’Malley like all my other dogs is totally  FREE of DYSPLASIA with the optimal result of A (HDA) for both hips.  In Show, he got multi Excellent. In Work,  O’Malley got his TAN, his brevet in hunting proof retreive on land = RST ( France) at only 6 months old !!!!
We hope a lot of this wonderfull wedding between outstandings origins from Belgium, Danemark and US. - dogs perfectly in the standards, nice constructions, straight backlines, angulations, ... well typical dogs, built in rectangle as forecast in the German standard FCI. nr 99 - well pigmented colors (for 20 years of breeding, I select my dogs des Brumes des Bois on nice pigmented colors) - my lines are safe and free of dysplasia.   (both parents are HDA), no defaults , nice built bites    ...  also fondamental  points of our selection since our beginnings. About the tempers :  our dogs are active and alive, but also very easy to live and well balanced.  Dogs well in their mind, who knows exactly what they want and what they don’t want. But they need a boss to lead them, to raise them, give them the right education. Our dogs are easy to raise and show a lot of aptitudes to work and to hunt.  Leica  & O’Malley  are both strond natural pointers and hold very well the trainings they received for hunting. We hope they will give  their qualities to their puppies.  Puppies out of this wedding should give nice built dogs, sportive ones, ahtletics dogs, pretty to watch, to live, to raise, nice hunting dogs, built to run, with a lot of aptitudes for competition as well and in addition all qualities to be a perfect pet dog at home.    Since our beginning in 1997, at our Kennel des Brumes des Bois, we choose the GOOD but also the BEAUTIFULL just for the pleisure or our eyes. 
Nos projets en 2018 - our planned litters in 2018
Prochaine portée de Braques de Weimar est prévue pour +/- le 4 mars 2018. Our next Weimaraner Litter is forecast for +/- 4 march 2018. Inga a été saillie par O’Malley ce 4 janvier 2018 - Inga has been mated this 4th of January 2018.
multi CAC-CACIB, Vainqueur Ch.Fr’08, CACIT, multi CACT, Trialer Dasko des Brumes des Bois (frère de / brother of DJINN dbdb) x multi Exc, CAC, CACIB, TAN, TST, BCE, RST, Hot Shoot’s Kiara sa généalogie sur / his genealogy on 
EXC, TAN, RST, O’Malley des Brumes des Bois HDA, 10/02/2015, 64-65cm inscrit au LOSH et au LOF, cotation 2/6  
In a near future, we will present you in detail our 2 forecast litters in 2018. What I can already say is that these 2 litters will have a very interesting pedigree on paper with talrous awarded dogs in beauty and in work, very famous dogs in their genealogy for their results but also for their offsprings. The mother of litter 1  Leica is the sister of Lagos, the father of litter 2 . Both are terrific hunters and runners in the fields, very efficient, excellent pointers, excellent retrievers and wonderfull swimmers. O’Malley (daddy of 1st litter with Leica) is a youngster, passionnated hunter, excellent retriever, excellent swimmer and as Leica, a goldie at home. Both very easy to train and with a lot of natural skills.   Or Inga (mummy of litter 2) is a youngster, at the beginning of her carreer but already judges who had the occasion to judge her in competition, loved her a lot.  She holds all her promises. She has already succeeded at the TST (Comportemental Test) and at basic hunting proof : the french TAN. She is very soft in character, sympa, calm and posed int the same time.