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Vegas our female Pointer
Our 1st litter of English Pointers is born on 4th of July 2017  our Dam : Vegas (Alena del Sargiadae) got married with our Stud ChIB, ChB, Tr Fantasio des Buveurs d’Air, on 5 & 6 th May 2017 (still some puppies available full vaccinated see our page “Dispo/Available”). 
CAC-CACIB (ChIE, ChIB, ChB ouverts) Alena del Sargiadae (dit Vegas) HDA, 22/11/2014
ChGQ Bill della Steccaia x Miriam del Sargiadae (Miriam is the sister of multi champion Mose del Sargiadae)
Our multi champion Fantasio des Buveurs d’Air, is International Champion of Beauty, Belgian Champion of Beauty, winner of the Belgian Specialty 2010 (he was 18 months old), Trailer in France (results always at the Exc at Spring Trials or Autumn Trials on Naturag Game) and Belgium (summer Trials & Autumn trials on Natural Game with Retrieve). To fullfill his  results, he succeeded also at hunting proofs :  Hunting licence into Deep Water and retrieves on land. He succeeded as well when youngster at the TAN. Following  French quotations, he is quotation 3/6. He is FREE of dysplasia with optimal result HD A. He is DNA tested. Fantasio is hyper balanced, stable dog, very regular in hunting in every kind of fields, you can thrust him a lot. Never tired in the fields, you can hunt long hours without any problem. He is more a hunting dog for us than a dog doing many trials with great palmares. Altough with the little number of fields we have done, he got nice results. Fantasio’s Mother, Decibel II de la Sauvignere, is spring champion, and Fantasio’s Father, Ethik du mas du Zouave,  is Trailer and Big Quest Champion. Many brothers & sister of Decibel are great field dogs, very balanced, very stable, impressive & efficient hunters.  I am super fan of these dogs balanced, stable, steady in their head, and once the motor put ON, they become impressive and in the same time efficient hunters, puting on the fire.      
Both Parents are HD A, thus we hope the best for puppies as well
 8 puppies are born on 4th of July 2017, and are available from 2 Sept. 2017 Follow their evolution week after week on their own pages 1-2-3-4, ...  1 Boy (Cadeo) and the 4 girls (Celia, Chelsea, Cassidy & Capri) are available immidiately. they are primo vaccinated, treated against worms regularly, chiped and DNA certified with parents, registered LOSH (Belgian pedigree), registered DOGID (National Registration for all dogs in Belgium), all is done for socialization.
A wonderfull morphology, built to run or better to fly in the fields. At 1st step, she is already flying.
Permanent incredible extension, a flying bear of head, you are scotched every time.
At her ease in deep water, Vegas adores to swim, to jump as far as possible, retrieve in deep water,
some nice pictures of Multi-Ch GQ, IT Mose del Sargiadae, brother of Miriam, Vegas’s mother  
beautifull heads
If interested you can contact us on our email :  
If you are interested in one of our litter, Weimaraner or Pointer you can contact us on our email :
Fantasio  is a great pointer and very efficient on every fields, but especially in the woods where we are hunting
A nice video of Bill delle Steccaia, daddy of our Vegas : already famous and multi fields champion in Big Quest.   GQ Bill della Steccaia ( Vento del Frangio x Prunilla della Cisa) Ch IGQ, multi CAC-CACIT in GQ in  Italy, Serbie, ...  A young dog but with impressive palmares. 
ChIB, ChB, (ChIE & Holl ouverts), multi BOB CAC NE Belge 2010, 1er Exc Champ Fr ‘10 Trialer (Fr & B),TAN, BCE, RST, cot 3/6 Fantasio des Buveurs d’Air HDA, 22/08/2010
ChGQ Ethik du Mas du Zouave x ChP Decibel II de la Sauvignère (Decibel is the sister of ChGQ, ChP, ChA Dylan de la Sauvignère)
Fantasio, our stud Pointer
CAC NE Belge ‘10 Cl. Interm. a 17 mois
Fantasio at hunting
some videos of Fantasio :
to view the  pedigree of puppies clic on the following link,des-brumes-des-bois,pedigree-chiot,22327_256767.html A nice genealogy with many famous and well known field dogs Many famous Italian fields dogs as Vegas (Alena) is Italian  on Fantasio’s side, many Italian fields dogs, nice French fields dogs as well.
other video of Bill della Steccaia :
 future daddy
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daddy of Fantasio chGQ, Tr GQ, Ethik du Mas du Zouave Vice winner Derby 2011
Miriam del Sargiadae, mummy of  Vegas (Alena)
ChGQ Bill della Steccaia, daddy of Vegas (Alena)
video of Giada Papetti on Mose
Many and special thanks  Giada Papetti, girlfriend of Silvio Marelli (del Sargiadae breeding) for pictures and infos given to fullfill the genealogy of puppies
Decibel, sister of  Dylan and mummy of Fantasio, is Spring champion. 
wonderfull pointings
Fantasio adult & at 3 months
Since her arrival at our breeding, at 10 months old, in sept 2015 our young Italian girl changed a lot, growth a lot, became adult. She learned a lot of things, is well acclimated to her new country, discovered many different fields (big plains, wood, water, …) she adores to swim, is a good hunter, is large quest. In 2016, she did a hunting stage to my friend pro dog trainer Manu Bourgeois, a specialist of pointers, and who appreciated a lot her qualities, her flying galop, and her superb morphology. A happy and nice lady who will evoluate still a lot. Nice beginnings in shows and already several opened championships. She got conformation with Exc CAC CACIB and the same day opened 3 championships in a row. She is FREE of Dysplasia with optimal result HDA.  Her temper is very happy, fast integrated to my pack of weimies, she is curious of all and is fast learner. Very sympa to live, she is a loving girl at home.
2017 : year of “Q” in Belgium, all the litter will bear as 1st name “Quosmic” .... des Brumes des Bois
We hope of course puppies : well balanced, perfect in the breed standards, nice hunters with beautifull morphologies,  heads and thus with such morphologies : nice galops nice pigmentation as both parents are well pigmented.